Saturday, November 10, 2007

Contrasts in color

A few weeks ago, Darek Deluca, owner and creator of XIDD Particles and Gadgets, was contacted by Plasma Raymaker, a relative newbie. Seems Plasma wanted some help incorporating particles into a monochromatic build.

Soon after, Plasma's real life began to demand his attention enough that he gave up on the idea of having a whole sim to himself. Darek purchased the sim from him and moved his store there last week.

While Plasma intends to expand on the monochromatic theme, the stark nature of this huge installation already invites photography.

This clean white canvas with black strokes evokes memories of Juria Yoshikawa's White Room.

Once you've seen enough of this white and black palette, teleport to the Gravity level on the same sim.

While Darek hasn't completed it yet, Gravity is a hyper-colorful shooting gallery of sorts, and a sharp contrast to the experience at Monochrome. Hop on the enormous cannon to dispatch huge balls at the multi-colored targets.

Teleport directly from here to the store and while there, don't miss the Particle Theatre. I do so like particles! ^.^