Sunday, November 18, 2007

Light Waves' 'Night Dreaming' statue comes alive

Nectere Niven IMed me tonight to say that there was a new statue at the Black Swan sim. Yes, the one that was once known as Hallucinogen Rezzable, and before that, the Error sim.

Once again, Light Waves has broken new ground.

Read no further. Just go there (teleport directly) as soon as you can. She is on the far end of the sim, on tiptoes... with eyes closed... alone on a rock, her shawl billowing in the wind behind her. Observe her, and then touch her...

Many thanks to that lovely and cherubic faerie ColeMarie Soleil - a magical member of the NPIRL Flickr group - for allowing me to post her photographs here. Her faerie-dusted pics often express what I cannot find the words to say.

Body of a Woman
by Pablo Neruda, 1924

Body of woman, white hills, white thighs,
you look yourself like a world in your attitude of surrender.
My rough peasant's body digs in you
and makes the son leap from the depths of the earth.

I was alone like a tunnel. The birds fled from me
and the night enveloped me with its crushing invasion.
To survive myself I forged to you like a weapon,
like an arrow in my bow, like a stone in my sling.

But the hour of vengeance falls, and I love you.
Body of skin, of moss, of eager and firm milk.
Ah those goblets of the chest! Ah those eyes of absence!
Ah the roses of the pubis! Ah your voice slow and sad!

Body of my woman, I will persist in your grace.
My thirst, my unbounded desire, my uncertain road!
Dark river-beds where the eternal thirst follows,
and tiredness follows, and the infinite ache.

From Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair