Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not Possible IRL has a logo - and the winner is Seifert Surface

Seifert Surface, a postdoctoral mathematician and a member of NPIRL, created the winning logo for our competition in just a couple of hours the day after the competition was announced. Thank you and congratulations, Seifert!

A thousand thanks to our patient and accomplished Judges who were tasked with selecting the five finalists: Sugar Seville, Random Calliope, Douglas Story and Gary Hazlitt, and thanks, too, to Jopsy Pendragon for creating the fab polling system needed for the final phase of the competition where all NPIRLers voted for the winner. We appreciate and thank every one of the participants in our competition for their time and creativity!

I'm going to fiddle a bit with the background color and the blog layout before I put the logo on our masthead, but wanted to show it to you right away... the Impossible Triangle, and now the symbol of our group, which today is four months old.