Saturday, November 10, 2007

DB Bailey... freshly discovered and rocking the metaverse

The moment I laid eyes on DB Bailey's Bomb Factory, I felt dizzy... intoxicated actually. Teleport directly from here.

I just told you about DB's Lotus on Tuesday... and then he shows me this. Now he has me wondering where his canvas began and where it will end. The diversity! It staggers the mind.

It has been said that architecture is the mother of all arts because it combines drawing and painting and sculpture, along with an indepth knowledge of materials and a sense of space. It helps to know that DB is an architect in real life. He's only been in Second Life since early February of this year, but if you look at his website, you will understand that this man was destined to flourish in our 3D environment.

Self doubts danced in my head... had I become this excited over a build that no one else would appreciate? Last night I gave the landmark to AM Radio, one of the builders I most admire... a true tastemaker... and asked his opinion. Within minutes I got his reply via IM: "This is stunning." Minutes later he added, "it is now my favorite build in Second Life." So it wasn't just me...

Through a rain-stained window pane...

It hasn't been but a few weeks since Douglas Story teleported me here to DB's land, which he calls Blinker Hall, and what appears to be his idea of what a meeting space should be. There's a great deal more below.

Cross the street or teleport to see even more of his work.

I think it is safe to say that DB has already become a dominant figure in the realm of content creation. He certainly is rocking my metaverse.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bettina

Hope you don't mind that I post a link here for my interview with DB Bailey:

Love your blog :-)