Saturday, November 1, 2008

four Yip's "Lune-acy"

I am currently having a complete blast, preparing a post on the outfits of four Yip, however with a twist of my own ;-). So, this mini-post is a sort of a fore-runner of that one, I guess.

four's newest creation, Lune-acy was shown recently at Crimson Rezzable. I am not sure if four has this one up at one of her two little stores already, but sweetheart that she is, I am sure she will not keep her fans waiting for too long.

Says four:

"when the moon is full ,..her dreams become nightmares.........."

Lune-atic Yipsie comes with skin and shape
with red horns ,..with and without candles
red hair,..with and without flowers and bats
with her bodytied skinsuit and her rats around her neck
she can be found being lune-ing around (touch pumpkin on table for lune-atic yipsie move)

strange songs she sings and hides under her table in a state off sleepwalking
(rezz her nightmare so it becomes yours,....)"

You can check on all of four's clothes and installations at her two little stores here. You can see larger sizes of these photos here and here.


Four Yip said...

thank you,..<3 yip