Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The exotic and fun avatars at NPIRL's Halloween parties

NPIRL's All Hallows Eve parties: Two of 'em; nine hours all told.
The guests: Not Possible IRL and Impossible IRL group members, and friends.
Location: Undisclosed until the last minute... the gleaming but abandoned Plasma Co. Mining Colony. Four sims provided by Rezzable and built out by a crack team of ten of the best builders and scripters on the grid. Read more about it here.
Our rock stars: Alexi Ayers, Anakin Gallacher, Cube Republic, Komuso Tokugawa, thomtrance O'toole, Tuna Oddfellow. Thank you!

Because so many of the avatars spotted at NPIRL's Halloween parties are not typically worn by our friends, we may have identified someone incorrectly. If you spot an error, please let us know and we'll fix it, asap.

The evening party began with a cocktail hour and Anakin Gallacher's live deep bliss sax tunes. Folks had time to rez each other and their new surroundings and take a ride on each of the two different roller coaster rides.

Browsing through my pics, I was unable to determine who the typist behind this avatar was, but we do know that he was wearing Pandora Wrigglesworth's Clockwork Automaton brain and skin

Hotspur O'Toole mimed his greeting

Jurin Juran and Eshi Otawara arrived at the same time

Photon Pink was responsible for making many of the cool sculpties at Plasma City

Meanwhile, on one of the dance floor areas...

Anakin Gallacher belted out a full set and a half, and his live music was streamed on all four sims

LittleToe Bartlett's avatar was so 'tweet!

Renown avatar creator Yoa Ogee wore a new and different avatar about every five minutes! And no, those aren't ants beneath him

Sasun Steinbeck was blinding in a modified version of Starax's Fallen Angel sculpture

Eln Alter arrived potted. Did you pick up her limited-time-only freebie witch avatar? To the left, Skycat Ranger as a jester was talking awesome pics which we'll be posting soon

Tom Bukowski got flowery

Coming up: Fabulous avatar pics sent in by talented photographers Cyberloom, Rowan Masala, Skycat Ranger, Tezcatlipoca Bisiani and Trinity Outlander...

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