Monday, November 10, 2008

The setting for NPIRL's Halloween parties: Plasma Co. Mining Colony - The future that never was

And so it came to pass that the strangest and most exotic creatures of the metaverse descended upon the gleaming but abandoned ruins of the Plasma Co. Mining Colony in deep space to observe the ancient festival of Halloween. The members of the Not Possible IRL and Impossible IRL groups gather but once a year for such a fete.

Rarely seen outside of adventure comic books and mythical chronicles, the guests were - each of them - one-of-a-kind, all gorgeous and imagined in their own way, convening to shake a leg or an appendage or two or ten to the rocking-est tunes out there.

No one knows with any certainty what happened to the original inhabitants of Plasma City. Kitsune Kyomoon, credited with the re-discovery and its supervision today had this to say: "We are attempting to rebuild Plasma City to discover what went wrong, while hoping not to make the same mistakes ourselves."

The Plasma Co. crew:
Cube Republic - Structures, scenery
Glyph Graves - Structures, sculpties, sound
Judi Newall - PR, publicity
Kitsune Kyomoon - Project coordinator
Lorin Tone - Sound guru, structures, scenery
Madcow Cosmos - Structures, scenery, avatars
Miki Gymnast - Scripting, structures, scenery
Photon Pink - Sculptie guru, scenery
Seifert Surface - Structures, space consultant
Ordinal Malaprop - Rocket ride between worlds
Four sims provided by Rezzable Productions

"We do know that the Plasma Co. Mining Colony is the source of plasma, the energy source which fuels the city. After mining out our original operations on a smaller asteroid, we moved the mining operations to a much larger asteroid in a more remote section of space. Here, we have formed a community of miners, engineers, pirates, merchants, scientists, farmers, fugitives and space scum. We believe that, after abandoning the original mining operations, the former base was overrun with unknown creatures... drifting life-forms from across the galaxy," Kitsune continued.

Discover the Plasma Co. Mining Colony:

Many thanks to Rezzable Productions for unleashing the Plasma Co. crew on four full sims to create the future that never was.

* Miki Gymnast's Asteroid Coaster - teleport directly from here
* Roller Coaster # 2 - teleport directly from here

* Visit... inside of... it (brainwigs... ewwww) - teleport directly from here

So many great guests and their avatars! Such good music.

The parties may be over... but there is always next year!

Coming up... dozens of pics of the craziest, coolest avatars on the grid that night.

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