Saturday, November 1, 2008

Juana Manuel observes the Day of the Dead by celebrating the living

I asked Juana Manuel why she celebrates the living in her virtual life on her Day of the Dead altar, and she explained it this way:

"On my Real Life altar, I only have dead people. My reasoning for putting living people on the Second Life® altar is sort of convoluted. Two of the people on the altar had life threatening medical issues and almost died this past year. The rest are people with significance for me. One is an image of a place that "died" and is no longer the same build: Nexus Prime. I think that our avatars are manifestations of our souls and that in Second Life, we are disembodied souls... ghosts, actually."

Photo courtesy of al-zahra

Juana used Nebulosus Severine's sugar skulls to adorn the altar. The skulls are scripted so that you can name them via hover text.

"The other is that am into the Tarot, and in the symbolism of Tarot, death is more like change, or a passage, or a transformation. I feel like I have been changed profoundly and transformed by Second Life and the people I have met here. Some of the people represented (on the altar) are going through major transformations -- like the death of relationships, etc."

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