Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This just in... awesome vid of Bogon Flux

UPDATE! Bogon Flux is in flux, but will soon have a new home. It is no longer rezzed at Hambone or China. We'll keep you posted.

Mescaline Tammas just slipped me the link to this machinima where Mescaline documents one of the most imaginative builds I've seen in Second Life® to date. I blogged about the wacky steampunk thingy previously here, but it sure does help to see it in action.

If you didn't have an opportunity to visit Bogon Flux at Hambone, here is your chance to see what it is like. Its creators, blotto Epsilon (rez 9/17/2005) and Cutea Benelli (rez 3/10/2007) have instantly become two of my fave virtual artists.


qarl said...

god i love this build.

Anonymous said...

same here! utterly incredible and such amazing fun to explore! awesome machinima too