Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scene stealin' avatars at NPIRL's Halloween parties, as captured by Cyberloom

I'm just lovin' Cyberloom's pics of the party people at NPIRL's Halloween fetes. She is also the author of a thoughtful and well-written blog about her virtual life experiences. Thanks for sending these in, Cyberloom!

Avatar creator Yoa Ogee switched his look so many times that we could devote a full spread just to him. I'm not even going to hazard a guess about the meaning behind this avatar

Bryn Oh was magnificent in this avatar, topped off with Hern Worsley's glowy headdress

Fire was a big theme at both of our parties, but only Aebleskiver Thibidaud's avatar had flamed wings that I know of

The friendliest and most helpful avatar I know, Jurin Juran merged Rush Gastel's glowy avatar with another, to uber-cute effect

Komuso Tokugawa always reads The Star when he's preparing to do a set, as photographed by Cyberloom

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