Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just press play: The rocking-est avatars at NPIRL's Halloween parties, as seen by Tezcatlipoca Bisiani

Artist, writer and sometimes guest blogger here, Tezcatlipoca Bisiani, sent in these pics of some of the avatars at the NPIRL Halloween parties that caught his eye.

Tezca didn't suit up for the parties... nope. Instead, he got real casssh as can be seen on the right. But who is the avatar in the Marie Antoinette "do"?

I can never keep a straight face when extreme explorer Naxos Loon is around, and this night was no exception.

Glyph Graves took a break after creating many of the special effects for the incredible roller coaster rides at Plasma Co. Mining Colony

I know that this ringing avatar's first name is Narita, but what is the surname?

Cube Republic has been awfully busy lately. Not only was he on the crew of builders for Plasma Co. Mining Colony - and I am fond of some of his sculptures there ;-) - he also DJed at NPIRL's Halloween party and has been leading the 5,000+ member-strong SOS (Save Our Openspaces) group. Who is the gentleman on the right?

To the left and barely visible, thomtrance O'toole knocked out tune after Goa trance tune at both of the parties. thom is my guru when it comes to exploring Opensims. On the right, award-winning Viennese artist and lecturer, MosMax Hax

That kitteh! Artist Sabine Stonebender just finished the first phase of rebuilding her Zero Point and I love it! That's me drifting in the air to the right, being witchy in Eln Alter's freebie witch avatar

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