Sunday, August 24, 2008

Garden of da Vinci - Where beauty meets science

German Felixx Shepherd (aka Martin Vieweg) explained his Garden of da Vinci sim this way: "I build here all my dreams of childhood, you might say. All what fascinates me. I'm a big LEGO child... in Second Life® for one and a half year, and this grew step by step. Some say that my buildings look like the ones of the movie "Lord of the Rings."

Or Disneyland?

And what he built is a lovely series of villas and observatories with Roman, Greek and Renaissance elements on the ground...

...coupled with sea and space exploration below and above.

Felixx was about to release something quite fun at the Garden of da Vinci when I visited him: a space rocket that enables you to orbit the planet of your choice as well as the sun. When you arrive at your destination, you can generate a space station and sit and watch the planets - and even the sun - comfortably and in close proximity!

At present, you can already visit Mars, generate your own fireworks display, or simply have a picnic under a tree. There are numerous freebies available, too.

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