Monday, August 18, 2008

A photographic celebration gets underway... and how!


Thank you, thank you, dear artists, photographers and friends in Second Life, for your instant and warm reception to the idea of celebrating the extraordinary work of Baron Grayson, the Templum ex Obscurum, simply for the sheer joy of it.

Here are just ten of the many photographs that are coming in to the Templum ex Obscurum - A NPIRL photographic challenge Flickr group from the ultra talented people of Second Life. In most instances, you can click on the photographs to see a larger version. Please remember to tag your photographs with the name of the creator of Templum ex Obscurum, "Baron Grayson", and also add a "NPIRL" tag for good measure, 'cause it makes me happy.

Even as I'm posting this, more photographs that I hope to feature are being posted to the group.

shellina Winkler

Gina Glimmer

Tillie Ariantho


Lilith Ivory

Gary Hayes

Hidenori Glushenko

Tim Deschanel

Solkide Auer

A very special thanks to the kind gentleman and owner of Templum ex Obscurum, Cuwynne Deerhunter, for his patience with our enthusiastic invasion of the sim.


Tim Deschanel said...

Thank you Bettina to publish my picture.
I want to thank all Builders and owners so that we can live that :-))

Gary Hazlitt said...

Thanks Bettina for publishing - might be tempted to go back and do some more!

BTW a quick video to start that 'journey' off too :) here

Solkide Auer said...

Thank you very much Bettina,
I am glad that you've published my picture, when a place is very beautiful try to make a beautiful picture becomes more stimulating.

Shellina said...

Thanks Bettina for publishing my pic.... that wanderful place keeps on inviting me to live and breath that magic atmosphere.