Sunday, August 10, 2008

Show and Tell - Get thee some input, some laughs, and some new people to admire

Update! The Show and Tell show is still going on every Sunday at 2pm, but it has moved to Avaria, which you can reach by teleporting from here.

I'm racing to get my chores done right now so that I can attend an innovative and fun event that many had told me about but that I only just last week experienced. Doh! I can only wonder how much I've missed!

For over a year, and today and every Sunday at 2:00pm SLT, dozens of avatars gather together at North Lummerland for one hour to share, review and discuss newly created content. That content can be anything at all that you made in-world (no 2D items, though) and all levels of experience are invited.

Up to nine people (first come, first served, but none after 2:30pm) may submit and unveil their work to a growing crowd of mostly supportive and entertaining audience members. Quips, questions, zany remarks and lots of encouragement are generously doled out to each of the presenters who rez, demonstrate and explain their creations.

And then there is a vote...

And all the participants win! The audience kicks in tips and these monies are distributed amongst the presenters, with higher amounts going to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Among the many builders and artists who have presented at this Show and Tell are Pandora Wrigglesworth, four Yip, Bryn Oh, and Crap Mariner.

Founders and hosts Barney Boomslang and florenze Kerensky keep the event on its toes and moving at a good clip.

"It is a fun event, especially since you get to watch builders grow. We have had a few builders who have stuck around, repeatedly showing, and so you get to see the works getting better with every piece," said Barney Boomslang when I spoke with him earlier this week. "It's tremendous fun to see what kind of things people come up with building. We once had someone who made a toothbrush and toothpaste complete with a tooth brushing animation. Totally useless in Second Life®,, but still - great idea just to _do_ :)"

Teleport directly from here, but do keep in mind that sometimes the sheer number of attendees makes it necessary for the entire assembly to move to another location for a smoother performance.

Please remember to remove face lamps, high prim clothing, high prim hair, and all those nifty attachments so that everyone can have a pleasant time. Last week, Pandora gave away many items from her Curio Obscura store to the individual with the lowest Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) rating. I didn't qualify, of course, but I am learning! I think I will go bald today.


Anonymous said...

This Show and Tell is the best on-going event in SL! Always some great stuff on display and a very positive, friendly crowd. I believe It's actually been going on for many years now - florenze and Barney took over for Zonax DeLorean who was the original host.

Truthseeker Young said...

o yeah, that looks like serious fun!
*marks calendar*

Barney said...

Yes, the event is going for a bit over 3 years now - Zonax did run it about 1.5 years and then flo and I took over and we are allmost at 2 years now.

Unknown said...

I started off at Zonax's version many moons ago, really wonderful events.


Mhaijik Guillaume said...

'Show and Tell' as an Event started pre-2004. Back in the Day it was hosted by Misty Rhodes on the Mainland in Oak Grove - on the little stage sorta by the defunct ghost town. It followed the same format. People showed their creations and then we all voted for the top 3. So Glad to see it has been kept alive all these years.