Thursday, August 14, 2008

Turn on, tune in, drop out with Anita Fontaine's "Technocolr"

Aussie Anita Fontaine's first show in Second Life®, "Technocolr, the Harlequin Lodge," at the Odyssey feels like I found some old acid in the back of a drawer and took the plunge into a early 1970's patchwork world gone mad.

According to Anita, "Just like the teacup ride at Disneyland or Snow White's house off Route 66, Technocolr pays homage to experimental and fairytalesque architecture, and the ideologies behind creating these miniature fantasy worlds."

Video: Bettina Tizzy
Music: Mercurial Girl by Five Star Fall
Dancing animation: Sugar Seville
Dancer: Skullbee Piek

I asked her if she liked roller coasters, and Anita exclaimed that she did. She added that she likes to get dizzy.

Using installations, mobile ghost encounters, games, the Internet and cinema, Anita likes to expand the parameters of new media and the moving image. She lives in Amsterdam. Teleport directly from here.