Monday, December 3, 2007

Feel like straying into a new metaverse? Chinese HiPiHi now in limited beta for English language users

HiPiHi (type that intentional cuteness five times in a row!) for English language users is now in limited Beta testing. You will have to submit your personal info, including your address and cell phone number, and wait to hear if you have been accepted. Oh, and the uninstall of the current release "30014" is infected with the backdoor Trojan BDS/Bifrose.

HiPiHi - pronounced "High-Pee-High" :0 - is a place where, according to their website, "The residents are the Gods of this virtual world; it is a world of limitless possibilities for creativity and self-expression, within a complex social structure and a fully functioning economy." Here's the Wikipedia on 'em. Just remember to mind your p's and q's, darlings. Whatever they choose to call it, it is censored.

Interesting use of Christmas music... and interlaced with cinema. Hmmm. Wave at the transformer, everyone!

I wonder if they would like to trade one of my used Woots for some textures?

For a while, at least, HiPiHi is going to make SL seem like Mach 4. It took me forever just to load a photograph from their website, so pack your patience for that trip instead of those woots. All kidding aside, I wish them well. There's nothing like expanded communication tools to tear down the wall.