Monday, December 17, 2007

Money: You can't have it... yet

all photography by Arahan Claveau

About a month ago, NPIRLers had a 24 hour preview of a mysterious sim that is part of an even larger mystery. Last week, I invited master of narrative photography, Arahan Claveau, to go back and capture just a few glimpses... mere hints... of what we saw there, to share with you.

It's as yet incomplete... about 60% there, I'm told. Creation dates appear to begin in December, 2006... and end in April of this year. Built primarily by Light Waves, with several important elements by Pavig Lok and a few by Littletoe Bartlett, this is the same team that gave us the Greenies, but it is not a Rezzable sim.

Doors are open. Someone came or left in a hurry.

Called simply "Money," the sim is dripping with atmosphere and intrigue.

It's clear that something terrible has happened, but we're not sure what or why.

Some discoveries, as you explore, are goose-bump-inducing.

Others seem to be important parts of the puzzle.

In a few days, I'll share a little more of what I've discovered...

...and the answers I have are surprising, indeed.

No slurl... yet.


Raul Crimson said...

Loving the image set by Arahan, you can see all the mistery there, somewhere hidden in the images.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Indeed, Raul. When I began to download Ari's pics for this blog posting, I wasn't sure what to expect. I learned something from him on the spot. When he could have photographed the "richer" parts of the sim, he opted for the "less is more" approach, to much success.