Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Metaverse Journal interviews Pavig Lok - My thoughts: top builder, lead creative... but an even better mentor

There's an excellent interview and a good read today by Lowell Cremorne about Pavig Lok - one of the true Giants in Second Life (and height has nothing to do with this... my avatar towers over Pav's) - at the Metaverse Journal.

Being a Second Life Hobo, I had the good fortune to meet Pavig very soon after my rez day; surely in the first week. Pav's influence on me is incalculable. Yes, Pav's builds are always brilliant in concept, always executed to perfection and invariably great fun. If I were to choose collaborators for any build project, Pav would surely be somewhere on the top of that list.

Pav on the far left, at one of many fun Hobo field trips

Importantly though, since day one, Pav has been a mentor to me and to countless others, a go-to-person for any kind of question, whether technical or how to handle a prickly situation, and above all, Pav has been a friend. It's not been a sentimental or maudlin friendship, but one built on my deep respect and appreciation. Heh, I don't believe I've ever even hugged Pav! In fact, it's unlikely I would have stuck around had it not been for Pav's support, gentle but honest nudges to quit being (insert any infraction here), balanced and always fascinating insights, and unending nuggets of advice.

Pav on the far right at yet another Hobo event; always there for the important stuff

I can't teleport you to a build to show you Pavig's greatest work. I can only point to myself and scores of others who are better people because of this one extraordinary Pastiest Hobo.


Anonymous said...

<3 Pav.

One of the /very/ few people in SL I actually look up to.