Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Second Life's CTO on his way out

Word has it through CNet News and Silicon Valley's Tech Gossip Rag, Valleywag, that Cory Ondrejka, Linden Lab's Chief Technology Officer, has been asked to leave. In fact, Linden Lab has confirmed that Ondrejka will be departing "in order to pursue new professional challenges." I'm not going to regurgitate the news (best you read the links), but can't help praying that this doesn't mean a serious period of instability on the grid.

Addendum: Best coverage I've found so far is Tateru Nino's publication of Cory Ondrejka's internal email, in Massively.

...and now we can only hope for good things that are possible in real life. Many NPIRLers admire and respect Cory, and are sad to see him go. Others are looking forward to a new approach. One thing is certain. Change is on the way.

Addendum II: Go here for Hamlet Au's coverage on New World Notes today.


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Cory's words on this: