Monday, December 10, 2007

The Hall of Twisty Smears - Rezzed

One of the problems with being as prolific a builder as Juria Yoshikawa is finding homes for all these creations which are, for the most part, a bit large. After leaving her latest piece, the Hall of Twisty Smears, laying about in sandboxes until it was returned, Juria has finally given it a semi-permanent place at Memespelunk - teleport directly from here. Juria says, "Part architecture, part painterly swirlies, The Smears are in grande size proportions. I imagine a new kind of organic architecture that loops and twists like internal organs or prehistoric fossils growing one on another. But the material is pecular in its smeariness; animation in twisty pretzel fashion."

I like to view them in the Windlight Gelatto setting.

I also like this new ribbony thing that's swirling on the same sim.