Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little but good - Spiral Walcher's wearable environments

Spiral Walcher is doing some interesting things. You've all seen AM Radio's wheat field. Here's a new take on it, with UFO's and aliens actively abducting the table grapes.

This is inside something... hmmm

... and so is this familiar wheat field scene...

All of this and so much more is taking place on and inside three top hats.

Let's hope Spi will be putting these on the market soon.

I can't get enough of them. More, Spi, please more!

12/20/07 addendum: And here's the latest one.


Anonymous said...

I really want one of those hats if not all three.

Tessa Ruxton said...

Good news!! Spiral's hats are now available at Nomine. The lovely Munchflower has been kind enough to support Spi and these awesome creations. He has five models up for sale and theyre all fabulous.