Sunday, December 2, 2007

Someday... an engine that will knock our socks off: CryEngine2

Proceed with caution! This may prove painful.

A few days ago, AM Radio slipped me this URL, and I've been whimpering ever since.

Not Possible in SL? The CryEngine2 is a game engine currently being used for Crytek's game, Crysis. How soon will Second Life reach this level of physics? Even if it were there today, would most user's computers be able to handle it?


Anonymous said...

I played one of Crytek's games a while back, Far Cry, amazing stuff even then, and the two brothers behind it are as Turkish as I am, so I am proud! The current engine is heavy duty for most computers out there but that's the way to do an engine imo.
It is not designed for streaming 3D technology but I do believe Second Life's future will look somewhat like that. In the mean time we'll just have to take some time off and have a go at blasting away some baddies at Crytek's EA released game. For more info check out

Bettina Tizzy said...

Woooohooo! Let's hear it for the Turks! :D

Okay... go play a bit, but you come back soon, you hear?