Monday, March 23, 2009

Real Life inspires: Theo Jansen's "Beach Monsters"

Powered by the winds, Dutch engineer and artist Theo Jansen's kinetic sculptures are, quite simply, breathtaking.


Ruina Kessel said...

I've been a fan of Theo Jansen's work for a while. I remember being completely awed by what he does when I first found him. It's a pleasure to find it here! :)

Alpha Auer said...

Well you really beat me to it with this one Bettina!

I have known of his work for a long time but one tends to forget these things. That said, I was intent on blogging Theo Jansen like tomorrow or even maybe today since I was very recently reminded of him: One of our courses at the uni now has a blog, which our students administer and that we, the instructors, also occasionally contribute to:

My colleague Murat blogged Theo Jansen just a few days ago and the minute I saw it I said to myself "this is definitely something for the NPIRL blog!"

He is amazing!

Aenea said...

I first discovered Theo thanks to his conference at TED. (

His work is simply amazing, so moving... Good find!