Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Grand Odalisque - a sculpture by an unknown artist

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Most everything that Rezzable Productions showcases has an element of mystery to it, and today's first look and reveal to the members of the Not Possible IRL and the Impossible IRL groups was no exception.

All photographs have not been retouched.

New and completely unknown Rezzable artist 3D Soup has created an immense sculpty sculpture called the Grand Odalisque: a hyperrealistic sleeping female nude, complete with stretch marks, pimples and calluses on her feet. She is lovely and endearing and we all know someone like her in Real Life. In fact, she probably looks like many of us do in Real Life.

Reminiscent of the works of Lucian Freud or Ron Mueck, the Grand Odalisque marks a leap forward in content creation in virtual worlds... an exacting portrayal of, and the embracing of our very real physical qualities.

As RightasRain Rimbaud (aka Jon Himoff), CEO of Rezzable commented, "It's really about realism, isn't it? It's an amazing piece. Gives you another dimension and level of access. At the same time, this piece makes you wonder why the avatars haven't changed or become more realistic on the Second Life® grid."

New media rockstar Gazira Babeli admires the Grand Odalisque

When I inquired further about 3D Soup, RightasRain stated that the artist believes that the piece will speak for itself, and is not taking any interviews. Of course, most old timers who remember the groundbreaking work of a certain Starax Statosky who later became Light Waves, believe that he is the only person capable of doing this quality of work. Coincidentally, Light Waves worked for Rezzable Productions until he left the grid, creating the startlingly poetic, very majestic sim Black Swan, which will be leaving Second Life at the end of August, to be re-rezzed on Rezzable's own OpenSim grid. Light Waves was also responsible for the creation of the Greenies sculptures and avatars, and the Ballerina which is currently rezzed at the Greenies Home Rezzable.

You can view the Grand Odalisque, rezzed at Black Swan, by teleporting directly from here, and then walking through the door on your right and down the pathway.


Truthseeker Young said...

**edit to correct some truly embarrassing typos**

That sculpture looks amazing. I'd love to see it up close, but either A) it's gone already, B) Rezzable decided to hide it somewhere cute, perhaps to get us to trawl all over the sim looking for it (no thanks), or C) your slurl points to the wrong place...

There's no door at the link you give here, and the only obvious path leads to an underwater room with animation vendors in it.

Ah, well

Truthseeker Young said...

ok, found it. when you arrive, you have to fly up to 1996m, then look for the huge white platform.

It's truly an incredible piece.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Truth, hey there. I've modified the slurl on the post, and hopefully this one will work! Thanks for the heads up.

Truthseeker Young said...

of course, you realize, that that level of Verisimilitude isn't so much an NPIRL thing as an NPISL thing xD

Ok I'll go away & stop flooding comments now :p

Bettina Tizzy said...

Yes, the thought did cross my mind :) However, we are all about enabling content creators to do more, and 3D's sculpty work astonished us. Certainly some enterprising and innovative creator could take hyperrealism into an entirely new direction in virtual worlds, couldn't they?

Pavig Lok said...

The sculpting is certainly NPISL, but coming across someone quite that large in RL is somewhat beyond the realms of possibility. She appears to be some six or so times normal size. Astoundingly good sculpt work. There's quite a few folk who can do photorealistic work in SL now but this level of almost seamless multiprim work is quite astounding.

Unknown said...

First of all, yes this is amazing, and surpsases anything that has been done thus far in SL. But...

This looks too good to be done by hand. I suspect the use of a 3D scanner, which also recorded the person's skin/features.

*IF* this is the case, at what point does it cease being art, and become mere technology?

Also, frankly, I don't get the idea of hiding behind an anonymous alt. That strikes me as a marketing ploy.

Anyway, yes, remarkable, but I guess I'm just a cranky old skeptic now.

qpop said...

If you didn't get to see the Odalisque at Rezzable there are, not one, but two instances of it rezzed on Cetus sim.