Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spun fantasy: The Metaverse Broadcasting Company

There's a new sim on the grid featuring lacy, gossamer-like buildings that almost defy description. The structures are somewhat Moorish, highly articulated, and futuristic, too, thanks to their aqua-tinted bubble windows. You will recognize the style if you were familiar with Planet Mongo which, by the way, is gone! The sim is still there, but it seems that new plans for it are in the works.

Lumiere Noir has made a virtual career of teaching others to create in Second Life® via his self-guided, self-paced, hands-on tutorials of the in-world building tools at his Ivory Tower of Prims, but he didn't stop there. His vehicles are fantastical and incredibly fun, and his Flash Gordon-inspired sim was one of my favorite creations on the grid.

Robustus Hax and Dousa Dragonash of the Metaverse Broadcasting Company (MBC) commissioned Lumiere to create this spun fantasy, which he accomplished with less than 6,000 prims. Look for the pinneapple! The saxophone! The turtle head! Look up through the inside of buildings, and down at them from above. Exquisite, precision detailing.

Lumiere is planning a suspension bridge between this sim and another that will have a conference center. He says he's never had more fun doing a build. Teleport directly from here.

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Anonymous said...

My thought circles around the possible transition of content creators to some kind of actual rapid prototyping jobs for corporations.

Some of my coverage focused on the Army using Second Life as a prototyping and training facility - surely this could create new jobs for talented Second Life architects?