Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Holidays to you - Now, deck the halls with boughs of holly!

You guys having fun yet? Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Seems that Miki Gymnast has been at it again! Now she's gone and created this gorgeous, GIANT, space-age Christmas tree. Miki always views her creations at Mars Rezzable as sandbox fun, but we invariably latch onto them, and like them too much. :P

Meanwhile, that cute little Greenie, Verde Raymaker, is inviting one and all to take part in the fun and make ornaments to decorate it, presents to place under it, and snowmen to surround it. The theme is "Peace and Love." Furthermore, he promises $25,000L in prizes for his fave pieces.

First thing you gotta do is get yourself over there to check out the tree:

+ Set light to midnite
+ Teleport directly from here
+ Put your music on!
+ Rez
+ Put on your skates or surfboard and weeeeeeeeee down the tree

Next, make your contributions and send them to Beatrix Newt.

Technical details:
Max for any item is 50 prims! Objects for the tree should be about the size of an avatar. No scripts or particles, except for simple animating scripts please!! Set the object to "sell contents for 10L". Object should be tagged to Mars group. Contents should be set "no trans, copy, and mod is up to you, but mod is more fun!"


Lauren said...

GREAT Holiday photo.....Wish all the members of NPIRL a wonderful holiday