Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gary Hazlitt's latest Machinima/music vid: "Hide and Seek"

I spoke briefly yesterday with that Sydney-based Brit and marketing wiz, musician, composer and rich content creator in virtual worlds Gary Hazlitt (aka Gary Hayes), when he happened to mention - among other things - that he had a few days off and that he "might make a little Machinima."

Gary, who studied physics - I border on worshipfulness when it comes to physicists - is the director of the Australian Laboratory for Advanced Media Production (LAMP), and also heads up Virtual Worlds for the UK-based The Project Factory, for which he produced the highly successful and eminently revistable (as the traffic numbers indicate) Australian Telstra and ABC Second Life presences.

I've just now learned that Gary had a productive Easter weekend Saturday and paid this NPIRL compliment to three of our fave builds in the metaverse, from start to finish, including the avitanimation and editing, in just five hours:


This JustVirtual production features the song "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap from the album Speak for Yourself.

Gary shot the video at Lumiere Noir's fantastic tribute to Flash Gordon: Planet Mongo, at our beloved Svarga by Svarog Laukosargas, as well as a new sim that Gary has just finished creating but is still not open to the public: Deakin.

Lip sync animation created using Crazy Talk 5, green screened in Final Cut. The spaceship shots were filmed live in Second Life.