Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dark, hairy, scary: The photography of Fingers Scintilla

Posted by Bettina Tizzy

Fingers Scintilla (aka Tristan Graham) - rez: January 11, 2007, lives in England and earns his daily bread as an industrial photographer focusing on buildings.

..."also take photos of a lot of old buildings so they can be remembered once there are gone... or for people who want to get them listed so they can never be knocked down," he told me.

NOT so in Second Life® where "apart from photographs of myself and my son, all of my images are manipulations of avatar photographs," he added.

"in second life®... i used to look at plain backdrops and shoot in a studio... but its so resticting and to me a little boring... so i started to go on location... that way it can work both ways... u can get the idea and go look for the location... or just stumble across somewhere and an idea just pops into your head..... if i want a certain look... i often design and make my own sets.. so i can get exactly what i want... its takes alot of time.. but the end results are great... im also lucky enough to know alot of designers... clothes makings.. etc.. to help me with my visions."

"as for the process of my photos... well....i have the image in my head... but im like someone thats free hand drawing.. i dont use a set process.. i think that will look good.. no wait thats better.. no wait.. lol.. i got it... i work on many many things.. im very hard to please... and can change my photo so many times its unreal... my main aim.. is to find a place.. or a world... thats inbetween sl and rl..."

"as for people that insire me... well there are so many... i have and read so many books.. on design.. photography..drawing etc... also my mother.. is an art teacher at a university in England .. so that has helped me alot....i like alot of filmakers graphic designers.. but no really inspire me to do what i do.. i want to do my own thing.. for my work to stand on its own... weather i acieve this is a matter of peoples own opinions and tastes

i like my work to be many styles.. i like to scare.. to make people laugh... to look beautiful... so make people think... i dont like to stick to a certain style... i like to change all the time.. to abapt and make my ideas come to life..."