Sunday, March 30, 2008

CodeBastard Redgrave splashes the grid - and NPIRLers - with RED

We are avatars in our virtual world, yes... little dollies we dress up, when you get right down to it. But personalities are often more distinct and discernable - larger than life, really - in this format.

Such is the case of a passionate, charming, and funny woman who rezzed the same month I did, some 14 months ago. Add to this that she is 7'6" tall, wears bright red from her locks to her toes, and is sporting the name CodeBastard Redgrave... Well, you just know there isn't going to be a bland pixel about her.

CodeBastard Redgrave

Turns out that her powers of persuasion are over the top, too. She's talked the knickers off of some of the most interesting ladies in Second Life... including a few of our own! In the tradition of the fabled Vargas pin-up girls, she stripped them down, splashed them with red, and then captured the moment for all eternity.

Jurin Juran

Amalthea Blanc

Lainy Voom

Today at 11am SLT, she is unveiling Boudoir Rouge - a collection of those photographs - at her gallery: Code Red. Dress code? C'mon... Hazard a guess! Teleport directly from here.


Kanomi said...
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Kanomi said...

Hooray for Red! :)

Hello to everyone at the party, somebody dance with me! :D

Anonymous said...

Terrific vivacious as the woman who put it all together.

I've known Codie for about a year now..and I tell you...never a dull moment...always into something new and a mind that never stops thinking ...along with a heart that doesn't stop giving.

Way to go Red...)) Love ya!