Sunday, March 16, 2008

Early reveal of Seadryke: Kazuhiro Aridian's newest avatar

There are hundreds of avatar creators in Second Life, but the mark for the highest quality and detail sans pareil belongs to one person. The last time Kazuhiro Aridian introduced one of these mythological beings, there was a spectacular wave of appreciation. The buzz in the sandbox as Kaz worked... why I've never seen anything like it, before or since.

Now Kaz is finalizing a docile, unguarded and ever so delicate creature... like a sea leaf, or feather, and its name is Seadryke.

Having worked in Maya for the sculpties (71 prims at this point), Kaz is going on to create 30 animations, using Qavimator.

Kazuhiro Aridian: I've made five animations, but I'm only happy with two so far. What's left? The AO, the HUD, and the special animations will be based on about 20-30 particle emitters and an animation that puts him 10 meters underground.

Kazuhiro Aridian's avatar "Seadryke"

Kazuhiro Aridian: You will push the button, and all the boxes will send out a short burst of "ink," so there's a lot of emitters, and they'll make the shape of the avatar before he hides... kinda like a nightcrawler sort of effect, I guess! He's also going to shoot bubbles and ink out of his mouth, and other animations like that.

Kazuhiro Aridian: I'm further developing the story behind my shoppe. Kaz is a dream explorer. She/he resides within the realm of the Dreaming, and collects these dream beasts. The shoppe is a trading post of dream creatures.

Bettina Tizzy: How do you mean? "dream explorer?"

Kazuhiro Aridian: She wears steampunky sorts of clothes, and has wings made of cogs and clouds.