Saturday, March 1, 2008

Strawberry Holiday's "Throes of Rapture" - A sneak peek

Working only with 550 prims and textures by dozzydolly Biziou, Strawberry Holiday has mounted a show that is both electrifying and painterly.

She began the enterprise by asking herself "what does heaven look like?"

Strawberry puts the finishing touches on 'heaven'

"Throes of Rapture" opens today at 1pm SLT at AngelGate, as part of a collective show (teleport directly from here).

Production credits are as follows:
Strawberry Holiday - Prim Design and scripting
Dozzydolly Biziou - Textures
Moongold Munro - Sound
Carbon Chaffe - Scripting
Egidius Eel - Production Photographer
WendyofNeverland Fussbudget - Project Administrator