Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Domenico Quaranta on Art in Second Life

Curator and NPIRLer Domenico Quaranta is a man of proven scholarship and also a searchingly thoughtful art critic whose writings I much admire. His blog, Spawn of the Surreal, is a compendium of analyses and reviews on New Media and a geniune source for astute observations on the topic of art in virtual worlds.

Last night, DanCoyote Antonelli - don't miss his exhiliratingly beautiful Second Spring: ZeroG SkyDancers which closes at the end of March - made me aware of this cogent paper by Domenico, which was published in Hz, an online journal run by the Swedish non-profit art group Fylkingen.

You will find many familiar names in this essay, entitled REMEDIATIONS: Art in Second Life, including Stella Costello, Fau Ferdinand, Adam Ramona, AngryBeth Shorthbread, Sugar Seville and her Odyssey Project, Juria Yoshikawa, AldoManutio Abruzzo, and of course, DanCoyote Antonelli. Domenico also pays particular attention to Cao Fei (aka China Tracy in Second Life) and Gazira Babeli, without whose early support the Not Possible IRL group would probably be but a twinkle in my avatar's eye.

Speaking of Gaz, most assuredly my favorite persona in Second Life, I'm eager to learn more about her upcoming show at the fabioparis art gallery in Brescia, Italy

Cover art for the show's 88 page catalogue, "Gazira Babeli," which was curated by none other than Domenico Quaranta

Gaz tells me she will be in-world for the opening of the show on March 15th at 9am SLT. I'm so there.