Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prados Azules - it may be blue, but it's hot

Barcelonian Anibal Shui and his group, Mosi-Mosi Metaverse have created Prados Azules (teleport directly from here), an unconventional and eccentric blue world of their own liking, as an "experimental laboratory for cultural events, product presentations, the exploration of ideas, and more."

Their first efforts have included in-world events featuring real time streaming of audio and video into Second Life of the Real Life music festivals: D.R.O.I.D in Bristol, England with Luke Vibert as the headliner, and the Desparrame Vol.1 Festival in Bilbao, Spain.

While this video is rather long and imbued with plenty of particles, you can "get the picture." Looks like they had fun.

Anibal is open to suggestions and fresh ideas for future collaborations and ways that Prados Azules (which means Blue Hills) can be utilized.