Thursday, March 6, 2008

He's the King of Glow, that Spiral Walcher. Now there is Kings Rezzable, too: The Tunnel of Light

A month after Windlight First Look was re-introduced (November 14, 2007), I stopped by AM Radio's The Far Away for a visit, and low and behold, there was this fellow doing some unusual stuff with the glow rendering feature. His name was Spiral Walcher.

Spiral Walcher plays with Windlight in new and fabulous ways

At that time, I was way more interested in the whimsical hat that was perched a top his white bald head, but I would soon swoon over his new neon creations. It turns out that he was using only one texture - a dot - on his prims, and then infusing it with glow rendering and rotating the heck out of it. Less than a month later, Spiral had created The Electric Forest (teleport directly from here).

Spiral Walcher's forest

Last night, press and bloggers in Second Life previewed Spiral Walcher's new sim - Kings Rezzable: Tunnel of Light - courtesy of RightasRain Rimbaud's Rezzable Productions (Teleport directly from here). I met up with Spiral to get the skinny... erm... the shiny.

Spiral Walcher plays with Windlight

Spiral Walcher: This is basically an expansion of the Electric Forest. There are elements in each area that refer to it, stemming from my desire to create something organic, rather than architectural, which is where I had concentrated my efforts in the past.

Bettina Tizzy: Why do you suppose you are so captivated with glow?

Spiral Walcher: It adds a whole new twist on things. It can really make the things pop. It also adds new depth and layers.

It all started here... with Spiral's hats
Spiral's latest hat now features the planets you'll find at Kings Rezzable

Bettina Tizzy: You went from teeny prims to big BIG prims... from your hats to this. What about size? Does size matter?

Spiral Walcher: I started making furniture. mostly because it was easy and good to learn with. I went on to very large scale builds... things like castles, and eventually I began to learn tiny prims for various reason... mostly because it really teaches you prim manipulation on a very detailed level. The hats spawned from that, but overall, size doesn't matter. I've made things in tiny spaces and things with a whole sim.

Bettina Tizzy: Does anything glow in your Real Life?

Spiral Walcher: Just my computer monitor at night... working on my tan as usual. I wish I could work with neon and lights in Real Life, but I don't have the equipment or the know-how.

Water lillies by Spiral Walcher

Spiral Walcher: After I stumbled upon my type of Windlight building, I began to wonder what the world would look like with this type of glow. I saw it in my head and thanks to Rezzable, was able to make it happen.

Hangin' out with Spi
Additional credits:
Scripting: Ordinal Malaprop
Exploding sun particle effects: Jopsy Pendragon
Planet textures: Ponk Bing

A few tips...
+ Start your visit off by touching the paper boat.
+ Be sure to touch the trees, the dragonflies, the frogs... for some fun surprises
+ After you've finished the initial ride, you can revisit the areas you most enjoyed by utilizing the local teleporters.


Eva Bellambi said...

Bettina -
Thank you for this! I will definitely be taking a tour of King's Rezzable. This looks fantastic as Spiral's work always does.