Sunday, March 30, 2008

Relief for the 2D man

I just had the pleasure of meeting a delightful 2D individual by the name of Dammit Dawg, as well as the creator of his avatar, Holly Loll.

Dammit Dawg

Sadly, Dammit shared with me that "Being born 2D in a 3D world is full of challenges. First, there is the discrimination and instant banning from certain sims to put up with. Second, there is the problem of getting used by 3D avatars as a coat rack or clothes hanger. Third, there is the lack of any 2D office furniture for the 2D man."

The good news is that Holly realized that she couldn't just create 2D peeps and not provide them with some kind of infrastructure, such as a 2D office line. Dammit admits that he was initially skeptical - especially when he saw the first thing she made for him (a paper shredder) - but everything worked out in the end.

You can visit Holly's 2D village for Dammit and others like him - and try out the paper shredder yourself - at a site where fellow hobo Dingle Doigts is sponsoring a build contest, by teleporting here.

An Easter portrait of the Dammit family

Dammit also informed me that the 2D avatars are a Second Life homage to Matt Feazell who used to draw the mostly underground Cynical Man series. "I loved that cartoon in college (he used to draw them in a nice cafe across the street from where I did my homework at a much grungier and more dangerous cafe in Minneapolis), and would wait every week to read his stuff," said Dammit.