Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Innsmouth Island Airship Tower on the Vernian Sea

Impossible IRLer Tabylin Tenk dropped me a landmark this morning and I set off to explore. On the other side of the teleport was a cyber/steampunk fantasy on a cinematic scale which I now present to you dark roasted, having made use of AM Radio's delightful Nostalgia Windlight preset to record my impressions.

The Innsmouth Island Airship Tower on the Vernian Sea was built primarily by Penny Patton (rez: 11/30/2005), whose profile states "I don't generally do the typical Victorian era, Jules Vern style steampunk prevalent in Second Life. Most of my designs are more 1920's pulp adventure style." Additional elements were built by Marcos Fonzarelli.

A submarine awaits

Described as a steampunk pirate island off the coast of New Babbage, the Vernian Sea Island is the centre of that city's criminal element.

There is a vast underwater network of tunnels.

I took a look "under the hood," as it were, to see how this had been accomplished.

The majority of the build elements were created in October of 2007.

Best seen large (click)

You can reach the Vernian Sea and all its offerings by teleporting directly from here.