Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where the carp fly

Ever since I discovered her work a few weeks ago, Ashanti LeShelle's Flickr stream of photographs has become a destination for me.

Ashanti's "Carp" - All rights reserved

Ashanti uses the freeware ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 to post-process her work.

You can see her work and that of many other gifted photographers in the following Not Possible IRL Flickr group pools:
* Not Possible IRL Content Creation
* Avatars Not Possible IRL*
* Situations Not Possible IRL

Join us! Add your own masterpieces to these pools, but please do read the group rules and descriptors first.


Tom said...

Ashanti's work is amazing - great for you to cover it! She allowed me to use one of her images for the poster I've made for a conference next month:

Doesn't it look great?

Best, Tom Bukowski (Tom Boellstorff)

Anonymous said...

FISH! Must get carp sculpties and give my Sandbox Fish a makeover.