Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Designer Dingson's flight of fancy

Got a few minutes to spare and a yearning for beauty? The Architecture sim is a good place to start, as there is almost always a sweet surprise waiting to be discovered there.

Take this feather-light "concept build," (teleport directly from here) by Designer Dingson: rez: 11/17/2006 (aka Lester Clark), a British architect whose Real Life company, PRP, won the Architectural Practice of the Year building award in the UK.

Click to see large

It's also a good place to try out new Windlight presets. Oh, wait! It's not called Windlight anymore... now: RC2 for Release Candidate 2.

Designer Dingson is probably best known in Second Life for recreating the Farnsworth House (teleport directly from here) by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a monumentally important architect and style-setter of the 20th century.

In fact, Steve Rose, a columnist for the British newspaper, the Guardian, discussed the recreation in an interesting July, 2007 article that - bless him - embraces the NPIRL opportunities that virtual worlds make possible.


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall another designer (and presumably van der Rohe fan) named Maximilian who had recreated the Farnsworth House some time ago. The house is for sale at his furniture store, but it is true-to-life scale, which makes it quite uncomfortable for our larger-than-life avatars and god's-eye-view floating cameras.

I look forward to seeing Dingson's recreation (when my internet service is reestablished someday).

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a good thing builds like these can be done in SL just for the hope it will never be built in RL...

Whenever is see buildings made by van der Rohe, Gropius - Bauhaus,i feel these are made for Architects own satisfaction not having people´s convenience in mind. I know it is subjective- i would not like to live in an Farnsworth fish tank :-)

You may feel comfortable inside such an house- however, Bauhaus is for me the antithesis to humane architecture and therefore bad design.

Bettina Tizzy said...

Aw Aenea! Are you still having trouble logging in? Sheesh. And to both of you, Aenea and livinginberlin, I think some designs (whatever the field) were just meant for looking at, or talking about... and can be otherwise painful, like a pair of smashingly attractive very high heeled shoes.

Unknown said...

Owner of PRP architects? Are you sure? I thought he (Lester Clark) is a graphic designer not an architect, and he works for PRP doesnt own the company, am i wrong?