Thursday, August 9, 2007

All hail the SLBrowser!

Posted by Corporate Jay...

Seriously, I've fallen in love with it. Thanks to NPIRL member Felix Wakmann, we have a way to view item listings/land listings/ads & more almost instantaneously. Definitely better than minimizing the viewer, loading up firefox, and browsing slexchange or slboutique endlessly for an item that's not listed! If you've saved the browser to your inventory and haven't had the chance to use it, or think it as just another freebie that you'll never use and will end up clogging up your inventory, pull it out, NOW! I demand it. Begin to toy around with it. Its easy to use interface can be picked up in a matter of seconds.

Praise the SLBrowser for integrating our lives even further! And three cheers to Felix for coming up with a superb product. Oh, and a heads up, if you see me around, typing question marks before random phrases, I am completely sane ^___^.