Thursday, August 2, 2007

Art of Sounds in Second Life + Request for Info on Steam Punk Builds

omg omg you guys ROCK! This group isn't just vibrating, it's zooming. See below for SLURS to two feasts for the ears, and let's hit the steam, shall we?

Thomtrance O'toole just pointed us to a trippy Japanese steam punk + fusion build which we will be featuring soon. Which are the best steam punk builds in-world??? Let's pull together a fab tour.

~~~The Art of Sounds in SL~~~

++Daruma Picnic... creator of the gallery we featured in last Friday's (7-20-07 Zippy Quick Tour Day) notice, has joined our group. Welcome Daruma! Daruma has more to share with us...
Stop by for a quick "See" (ahem... "listen"?) at his Interactive Singing Sculpture - A Cappella.
A Cappella

++RL/SL photographer Wellington Bahram turned us on to Adam Ramona's Interactive Sculpture Garden of Immersive Sounds.
Garden of Immersive Sounds

FYI: Adam Ramona is RL Adam Nash, digital audiovisual artist, composer, programmer, performer & writer. Presented in galleries, festivals & online in Australia, Europe, Asia & The Americas, including SIGGRAPH, ISEA & the Venice Biennale.

Notice issued to the NPIRL group on July 23, 2007.