Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dutch Ding Dong!

Three guesses what we Dutch like to build in SL... that's right; windmills! Dutch artist Edo Paulus (Edo Autopoiesis in SL) has built a "sound composition" that uses SL wind to generate sound from windmills. The result is not exactly punkrock, (more like indonesian gamelan) but I'm sure some of you hippies might enjoy. I like it for how it looks and works. Nifty stuff. Pick up the notecard that explains how it works and go take a ride.


Notice originally posted to the NPIRL group by Tooter Claxton on July 13, 2007

P.S. I'm just mad about Tooter's absurd avatars. His Brunhilde viking-operatic-singer is the only "other" avatar I have ever donned. - Bettina