Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's time to batten down the hatches

Over the past few days, interest in NPIRL has mushroomed and a number of very talented people have joined. I must remark on two of them.

Tonite, the "architect's architect" of SL, Scope Cleaver , became a NPIRL member and Hamlet Au (aka Wagner James Au) appointed a representative from his New World Notes to the group: Amalthea Blanc. Welcome, you two. We are honored.

I propose to all of you now that we restrict all future membership to only the most serious or promising content creators. Period. I see this as a working group, and while you may not know everyone here, I have had an opportunity to speak with each of you. What we have here is pure gold.

Meanwhile, I have some extreme goodies just begging to be shared with you and I can hardly wait till Friday to do so.