Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toxic Garden Rezzable

Our group members were among the first to be invited to preview the beta version of the newest Rezzable creation on Monday. Not one of the 9 or 10 NPIRL’ers I have spoken with survived long enough to experience (or cam) even half the build, and most gave up that day after three attempts/kills (you get sent back home o.O!). Of the three most recommended highlights: lady liberty, the foundry and reactor buildings, and the train, I only managed to see one of them myself... and then those pretty pink petals swallowed me up.

I Skyped yesterday with Toxic’s team leader, Foolish Frost, and his RL/SL wife Botany Black - the lead designer for organics - and learned that they started working on this project 6 weeks ago, but that sculpties were not initially used. Foolish, who works a great deal with Blender, stressed that Toxic was a group effort and that nearly every piece had passed through many hands. “All got to put our best into it; none of us own one piece of it,” added Botany.

The primary culprits for avatar kills are the artificially intelligent, path-finding dirge/ant drones, which make decisions as they travel from one point to another, determining what is needed, communicating with each other and hunting stuff down. This feature plus the animatronics (built into the winding vine tendrils and avatar-gobbling flowers), are two of the novel aspects at Toxic.

Speaking from experience, here are two life-saving tips:
#1 Grab the arm band in the foyer and for heavens sake, don’t take it off
#2 Stay away from the ants. Get off the path immediately if you see one coming.

Thanks for the preview, Foolish and Botany! We look forward to exploring Toxic and learning what comes next in this fascinating build.

Toxic Garden Rezzable

P.S. I just counted, and give or take a few, looks to me like Rezzable Productions, Ltd owns 32 sims. That's thirty two. XXXII.

Rezzable, btw, is actively hiring creators and managers.

Looking like mere specs on the Rezzable chunk of the map - you are required to look further in every direction - are Toxic Garden Rezzable, the much adored and practically-perfect-in-every-way Greenies Home Rezzable, and Cannery Rezzable which this afternoon inaugurated a smart and polished photography show featuring portraits of avatars. SL photographers Shoshana Epsilon and Vint Falken curated. For those of you who live in Los Angeles, some of the design elements of the gallery might remind you of the astonishing building that was especially created to house the Ashes and Snow show that sat on Santa Monica beach last summer.