Saturday, August 11, 2007

All your LMs are belong to us

This was issued in a notice to NPIRL members on August 3, 2007:


Thanks to Corporate Jay for his help with the management of this blog.

~~If you are an NPIRL member and would like the rights to initiate a post on our blog, please contact me in-world.
~~Anyone can comment, though.
~~All back notices will eventually make their way into the blog. This way we can share our finds with the rest of the metaverse, and have a handy archive, too.
~~The blog will always be one week behind in-world notices so you will always be the first to know....
~~Unless something riveting is going on, NPIRL notices will be limited to once a week now: Fridays


* SKINS. I suppose this is possible IRL, given the right cosmetic surgery, but the pain, the cost, the vanity! We've all shopped for skins, but just for sheer comedic value, check this one out: Limited edition skins for 20,000L. Yes, you read right. TP to the skin section and look for the LTD Edition corner. What do you think?
CryoGen Cloning Facility Skins

This is not a new build but possibly one of the earliest attempts at NPIRL stuff in world? A sim of textures and shapes gone wild, by Clames Clanger:
Clanger's Inventions

More Clanger stuff; newer. He won't let you create an LM on his land, but you will spot his stuff right away when you land here. Alternatively, just look in his picks for the Gilum parcel stuff:
More Clanger stuff

This bizarre sim is an experiment in artifical life where plants and animals interact with each other and evolve:wiki at SL Ecosystem

When Akasha Wachmann handed me this LM, I envisioned a giant interactive monopoly game. Almost right. It's a new shopping mall in the sky. Talk about location, location, location. And yes, pick out your token and surf your way to Park Place. Not sure if you get $200L for passing go.

WELCOME to our newest members; we are better for knowing you! Thanks to Douglas Story for all his help here. Check em out.
* Tayzia Abattoir
* Tom Bukowski
* RawMilk905 Kline
* Arcanus Projects

Keep those LMs coming!
Bettina Tizzy