Monday, August 6, 2007

Put this one in your pocket...

Dear Sherpas of the metaverse. Thank you for all your insights and hot tips! Loads of yummy stuff to share this time. - Bettina

WELCOME to Juria Yoshikawa, one of our newest members. Most of you have been to Juria's "Blink," a creation that is at the nexus of what our group is all about.

****NOW Juria is creating an underwater scheme that is only possible in our dreams. Light to midnite and crank up that sound. I spend way too much time here.

Heart's Desire by Juria Yoshikawa

SEIFERT Surface, a real world mathematician and in-world creator, has promised to give us a tour of his works soon, but you can get a jump on things by visiting his June 2006 recreation of Robert Heinlein's Crooked House, built like a four dimensional hypercube. You can read more about it here.
The Crooked House

FYI : In mathematics, a Seifert surface is a surface whose boundary is a given knot or link.


New NPIRL member Kazuhiro Aridian has been drawing large crowds at the Isle of Wyrms sandbox while she tries to finish up her work - on an avatar made of sculpties that TeeCee Towradgi described as "just crazy nuts!" Ooooo! Aaaaaah!

Kazuhiro pointed out that if sculpties are your thing, then you'll want to see Wyeth Greene's giant crab, even before he textures it.

Wyeth Greene's Giant Crab

Sabine Stonebender's Zero Point - recommended to the group last week "Stop thinking!" - was written up in a relatively new pub on the arts in sl: This build is so complex that it merits multiple visits. Look for the Vomit Comet and the throne.

Notice originally issued to the NPIRL group on July 30, 2007