Saturday, September 20, 2008

Believe what you see

Via Molly Montale, we learned of Patch Lamington's in-world 3D prim-based optical illusion at The Port. Patch was inspired by the work of Prof. Akiyoshi Kitaoka . The slurl to this one is tricky. If you land below water, just fly up and look for the flying hoops. There is a stand on the little platform that centers your avatar for the full effect.

Patch's optical illusion as photographed by Molly Montale


Henry S said...

Wonderful stuff!

Now this being SL, I wonder if there's some sneaky way to combine things that aren't moving but look like they are with things that actually are moving (but perhaps, look like they aren't?!).


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the mention Bettina. Not sure what the story is with the SLURL - it might be a sim setting at The Port.

Seifert: Someone actually suggested that I do script it so that one of the rings does move... but only now and then. I didn't think I could be that cruel tho!

And I should also mention Prof Kitaoka's advice - anomalous motion illusions can cause dizzyness and even fits. If you start feeling dizzy or unwell while viewing this, immediately cover -one- eye with your hand and then leave the page/look away.