Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brooklyn is Watching reaches a demi-milestone

It hardly seems possible that more than six months have elapsed since Pavig Lok clued me in to a new development on the grid, which I subsequently shared with you when I announced that Brooklyn is Watching had arrived.

Brooklyn is Watching

It was back in March when a blurry-looking viking dood, Jay Newt (aka Jay Van Buren), showed up with his strange green screen flooring - Second Life's equivalent to the bad shag rug - and an annoying eyeball follower, to openly question and discuss, without any reverence whatsover, the "art" that was plunked there.

Jay and his jolly troop of merrymakers (art historians, critics and assorted other experts) - I'm sure there's a lot of beer involved somehow - have taken the whispered veneration out of art in this new medium and put it on the block for a real review. The consequences of these critiques began as a tiny ripple and are now being felt throughout the grid.

Art in virtual worlds is coming of age. Carry on...

"Brooklyn is Watching" is a project sponsored by Popcha, a New York based media technology company, and taking place simultaneously at the art gallery Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn, New York and in Second Life. Artists are invited to place their work here). An avatar, in the shape of an eyeball and under the name Monet Destiny follows the goings-on there at all times and projects what he sees onto a large screen monitor at the Real Life gallery. Every Wednesday evening, Jay and several other notables, including Shirley Marquez , Man Machinaga (aka Patrick Lichty) and Max Newbold (aka Beth Harris of the FIT) gather to discuss what is rezzed at BiW.