Saturday, September 13, 2008

Storytelling with the help of Second Life

Quebecoise Axelia Meili built a story about a little witch around twenty photographs she took in Second Life®, and then post-processed. Axelia wrote the story in French and then translated it to English for the benefit of those who don't parle francais.

"Luna came in my mind just for fun. I was shopping and found her avatar which was not expensive," said Axelia. "Recently I bought this nice elf and I decided to build a story around the pictures. It comes in my head spontanously. The same thing happened when I started to take pictures with Luna."


"Luna's father was a sorcerer and her mother a human. When she was born, her father asked many fairies to come to protect Luna from bad evils she could get in her."

Luna's story

"He wanted her to avoid the destiny of bad witches. 13 fairies accepted the invitation and gave Luna all nice qualities."

Pirella, la tante de Luna

You can follow Luna's entire story in the correct order by referring to Axelia's slide show here.

Luna's look is accomplished via the "Decent Dolly" avatar, available at Brunehaut's Faeries Shops.