Saturday, September 6, 2008

Light and shadows on an epic scale: Templum ex Obscurum

With one week remaining and 402 participants - many of them considered the best photographers in Second Life® - it is getting harder and harder to select just ten images from the Templum ex Obscurum NPIRL photographic challenge Flickr pool to share with you, but the following photographs were each so striking in their own way that ultimately they claimed their place.

The challenge is a tribute to artist and builder Baron Grayson and his Templum ex Obscurum, a dark and poetic place that would have existed only in his imagination were it not for his ability to weave light and shadows together on an epic scale.

In most instances, you can see a larger version of a photograph if you click on it.

Nirvana Panorama by Gary Hayes

The fragile bridge of the crossed destinies by Esco Axelrad

MoonRiver by DreamsBeneaththeMoon

rain by Kean Kelly

Templum - Ivy by Lash Xevious

Templum ex Obscurum by winter wardhani

Fyrja and Michale by xaos theas

save me by F J Pix

Templum ex Obscurum by 2nd Magazine

And finally, a sumptuous tapestry, unlike any other...

Angel - Templum ex Obscurum by ¥ Çãrmíllä Mírabëaú ¥

Again, we must thank every single participant, and Cuwynne Deerhunter - guardian and owner of Templum - for his kind support and endorsement of this project.


Jona said...

Ty for showing my artwork here. I feel very honored :-)


2nd Magazine