Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gary Hazlitt asks, are games overtaking films?

I'd like to call your attention to Gary Hazlitt's brilliant post and video analysis/compilation featuring films and games that asks if story-rich games are becoming more culturally relevant than films. Gary is becoming my go-to-guy when it comes to virtual world overviews.

On this occasion, it seems he was preparing some curriculum for Cinematic Games and Virtual Worlds courses at AFTRS, Australia's premier film school and, as he put it, "I was staggered to see the number of major feature films in production based on new and existing game universes - suggesting to me a tipping point."

Gary (aka Gary Hayes) is a Sydney-based Brit, the director of the Australian Laboratory for Advanced Media Production (LAMP), the head of Virtual Worlds for the UK-based The Project Factory, as well as a musician, composer, videographer, builder, and blogger.